Delicate Creatures

Once upon a time, there was a castle ...

There was dear old Mr. Wubble,
who was always late for tea,
and Sam the Smiling Frog,
who dreamt about the sea.

Twins Ticky-boo and Ticky-too,
who longed for Ticky-three,
and the Boggle Man, so tall and pale,
that many thought him sickly.

Wickinshire, who loved to sleep,
had been the first one there.
They said he'd been a rascal then,
so quick to take a dare,
The trouble finally wore him out
(it does that, so take care).

There was Jack the Hand, and Merry Day,
The Watchman and the Fly,
And Ravenswood, who loved the moon
though none can now say why
And Trifle, newest of the bunch
who one day learned to cry.

The Princess cared more about speaking the truth
than she did about what people wanted to hear.

As the rest of the Green Men moved into the castle ....

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